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Our Story

Founded by Henry Woolman in 1881, Woolmans has over 140 years of knowledge in breeding, raising and selling chrysanthemums and dahlias. We have a vast and rich history, growing from Henry’s back garden through to becoming one of the leading suppliers in flower plants and seeds in the UK. To find out more about our history, please click here. 

Today, we grow all our chrysanthemums at our Lincolnshire nursery, where your plants are tended to and cared for by a designated and experienced team, who ensure that they meet the Woolmans seal of approval before we dispatch them to you.  

Every variety that we sell is tried and tested in our trial field, so that we sell only the best plants and ensure that the plants you receive are true to type. 

Although we’re recognised for our Chrysanthemums and Dahlias, through customer feedback we have now enhanced our range to cover most flower varieties, to keep your garden beautiful all year round. All our plants come with a no quibble guarantee, so that you get the best growing success.