How To Grow Dahlias

When You Receive Your Tubers

When You Receive Your Tubers
Dahlias are some of the easiest garden plants and are incredibly rewarding. They are quick to grow, produce copious amounts of blooms over many months, and make the best cut flowers.

When you receive your tubers, it will be too cold to plant them straight out so pot them up in April into a 3-litre pot using some good multi-purpose potting compost. Place in a light and frost-free place, keeping the compost just moist and grow on until all danger of frost has passed (normally by the end of May). If you’ve no space to grow potted plants, wait until mid-May to plant directly outside.

When your plants have developed three true pairs of leaves, pinch out the growing tips to encourage lots of bushy growth and stop plants becoming leggy and unproductive. Pinching will help your plants to develop more side shoots, which in turn will lead to more flowers.

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