Bee & Butterfly Attracting Plants

Bees butterflies and other pollinating insects are vital for the pollination of most fruits vegetables trees and flowers in agriculture in the wild and in our gardens. It is becoming increasingly important to consider the plants that we’re growing in our outdoor spaces as the nectar found in our garden flowers provides food for the insects themselves and the larvae in their hives or nests.Attract bees butterflies and pollinating insects to your garden by planting a diverse mix of varieties that provide nectar and pollen from spring through to autumn. Single open flowers are a good choice where they can access the nectar and pollen easily. Double varieties often don’t produce any nectar! For butterflies plant nectar-rich varieties in a warm sheltered spot. Bees can see purple more clearly than other colours and long-tongued bees like bumblebees prefer tubular flowers such as foxgloves penstemons and snapdragons. Lavender is a particular magnet for bees and butterflies providing food during the June gap when bees are at their hungriest and there are fewer pickings.