How To Grow Dahlias

Caring For Your Dahlias

Caring For Your Dahlias
How to get the best results from your dahlias
Dahlias like plenty of water, and to get the best results, plenty of food too. In the early stages, once planted out, use a feed rich in nitrogen to help develop plenty of leafy growth. Do this once a week up until the middle of June. After this time, switch to a high potassium-based fertiliser, such as a tomato food, and continue feeding weekly to around the end of September.

Depending on the height of your plants, they might need staking to give some extra support. A bamboo cane against the plant or a tepee of twigs should the job well enough.
Deadhead regularly to keep the flowers coming – this is the one most important thing you can do to ensure you have flowers through to the first frosts. Also, cut plenty of blooms to enjoy inside – the more you pick, the more flowers you’ll have!

One last point - watch out for slugs!

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