Plant Types

Chrysanthemum young plants

Raised as young plants and despatched from our nursery in Lincolnshire. All cuttings are grown to order using the latest plug technology which ensures sturdy, robust and well-rooted young plants. Full instructions are sent with all orders. Despatches start from late March (plants ordered on Early codes) and from mid-May (plants ordered on Late codes).

Garden ready plants sold in trays of 10 and 30

Our garden ready plants are provided already 'hardened off' and can be planted directly outside into their final planting positions. Measuring approximately 10-12cm in height, they are quick to establish and come into flower. Our spring/summer range of garden ready plants are despatched from early June and our autumn range of garden ready plants are despatched from early-October.

Standard plugs sold in units of 40

Supplied as well-rooted seedlings measuring approximately 5cm in height and ready for immediate potting on into trays or pots and placed somewhere warm and light and allowed to grow on before planting outside in late May. Standard plugs are despatched from early April.

9cm, 2L and 3L potted plants

Supplied with strong root systems are ready to be planted straight out into the garden. The foliage height will vary between individual varieties. 9cm potted plants are despatched from early April. 2L and 3L potted plants are despatched from late May.

Young Plants

Strong, well-rooted and robust young plants measure up to 12cm in height when supplied. Where necessary, these plants have been pinched out to encourage strong and bushy growth, so are ready for potting on or planting directly into hanging baskets and containers. Our young plants are despatched from late April.

Bulbs, corms and tubers

All our bulbs and tubers are top grade, although please note that bulb size will vary by variety. Our dahlia tubers are field grown, hand-picked and graded to ensure the best possible quality. Bulbs, corms and tubers are despatched from late March (spring planting) and late September (autumn planting).

Bare root plants

Field grown plants, lifted and graded for quality and ready for immediate planting into their final positions outside or for potting up if the weather is frosty. Bare root plants are despatched from late October.

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