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Growing On Your Young Plants

Growing On Your Young Plants

Your young plants have arrived ready for transplanting and, though they may be left for a day or two to acclimatise to the new conditions, they should otherwise be potted on as soon as possible. Alternatively, our slightly later supplied 9cm potted plants will have strong and established root systems and are ready to be planted straight out into containers, hanging baskets or the garden.

Potting on

If you plan to plant them into large tubs, pot them first into 9cm (3½in) pots. Use any good multi-purpose compost and set each one so that the top of the plug is just below the surface. All young plants that are to go out into the garden, even the hardy ones, should be hardened off during May. Stand them outside in the day and bring them in again on cold nights before locating them in their final positions outside at the end of May / beginning of June.

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