Container Growing

Planting Up Your Baskets and Containers

Planting Up Your Baskets and Containers

Planting out

Most of our container plants prefer a sunny or lightly shaded spot. Your planted up young plants will have roots that have filled their pots after around 3 weeks and our potted plants will have arrived ready to plant up directly into containers, baskets or in the garden.

When you plant up your containers and baskets, multi-purpose compost is usually best, and we recommend that you mix with it water-retaining gel granules and a slow-release fertiliser. Together they will save you time with both feeding and watering, although additional liquid feeding may still be needed later in the season if plants start to lose vigour.

Always keep your plants free of weeds and water well in dry spells, until they are fully established. Slugs and snails are a major threat to the young growth of many plants and appropriate precautions should be taken.

Top tip

Always select an appropriate pot size for the type of plant you have chosen and the look you want to achieve. For instant impact with summer displays, you can pack plants in to give more impact, we suggest about 7-9 plants per 40cm diameter pot. For permanent displays consider the growth rate and eventual size of the plant.

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