Wool Pots

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20 Wool pots

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An award winning, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic plant pots. 

SUSTAINABLE - Sheep produce more wool each year

ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Sheep keep the grass down and fertilise as they go. There are no chemicals involved, no intensive farming processes and wool is the natural by product. 

BIODEGRADABLE - You dig a hole and pop the whole pot into it and after it’s protected the plant it turns into delicious bio rich food 

CLEAN & GREEN - no chemicals and minimal biodegradable packaging.

Why Wool? 

• Retains Water 

• Promotes Root Growth and Strength 

• A natural slug and snail deterrent

• Strong and long lasting

• When planted out, it decomposes into a bio rich plant food

Wool pots are stretchy and will fit 9cm & 13cm pots. Size: 9.5 x 18cm.

BBC Gardeners World Endorsement

‘BBC Gardeners’ World Live were keen to find an enterprising company enthusiastic about using alternatives to plastic pots. 

Eden Project Endorsement 

The Eden Project’s National Wildflower Centre and Horticultural Therapy team have been…working with Wool Pots and have been amazed with the results .

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