Wire Worm Control Nematodes 60sq.m

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1 packet, covers 60sq.m

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Wire Worm Nematodes are microscopic worms which seek out Wire Worms then feed and multiply inside to stop them feeding on your plants. Nematodes are naturally found in the soil, by using this product you are simply topping it up.

Wireworms are a type of soil insect that are pests on various root vegetables (potatoes and carrots being one of their favourites) feeding on the seedlings, roots, and base of stems. Wireworms are larvae of click beetles Agriotes spp. The female beetle lays eggs from late April to late July, often beneath the surface of lawns or soil covered with plant foliage. Wireworm larvae are long, thin, shiny, yellowish-brown creatures with dark heads, resembling mealworms and measuring approximately 10 to 15mm in length. Root crops may exhibit tunnelling.

Nematodes products contain Nematodes (microscopic worms) which are renowned biological control products, providing many benefits over traditional gardening chemicals and are a key ally for organic gardeners.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a live product and needs to be used upon receipt. This product will arrive with you within 3 working days. It is despatched from Monday to Thursday by 1st Class post. Please make sure to order it when you need it.

All products are simple to apply, and safe to use and harmless to children, pets, birds, and wildlife. 

- Effective against Wire Worm (also called click beetle)

- One packet treats 60sq.m.

- It is safe to use and harmless to children, pets, birds, and wildlife.

- Recommended minimum soil temperature is 10°C (50°F).

- Best applied around April to July but can be used outside of the recommended dates and may still help to control the pest.

- Soil or compost must be moist before and for at least 2 weeks after application, avoid waterlogging.

- Apply during evenings or dull conditions to avoid full sunlight.

- Must be stored in refrigerator and used within best before date stated, do not freeze.

- Please note these are a live product and have an expiry date usually about 2 weeks, expiry date printed on the packet, non-returnable.

- Do not use chemical insecticides during the use of nematodes.

- Full instructions provided, please click here.

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