Wallflower Sugar Rush F1

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Erysimum cheiri

From 4th September 2024.

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Expect a flush of sweetly scented flowers this autumn and then again in the spring from these tough wallflowers. Well suited to container growing and planting along the front of borders and path edges where the neat and compact plants are less prone to toppling over.

Bedding plants really come into their own during the winter months and are great for providing some razzle-dazzle colour when there is little else in the garden to do the job. Even just a few containers or a handful of plants dotted into the border can make all the difference – although, of course, you can go all out on some fabulous formal planting schemes.

Nearly all of our bedding plants are raised from F1 hybrids so you can be assured that they are tried and tested, for reliable displays. Our garden ready plants are provided already 'hardened off' and can be planted directly outside into their final planting positions. Measuring approximately 10-12cm in height, they are quick to establish and come into flower.

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