Soil and Water pH Test (25 Tests)

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Test your soil and water pH before you grow.
Pack contains test tube, measuring spoon, pipette, pH liquid, pH powder and detailed instruction book. Enough to perform 25 tests.
pH (acidity /alkalinity) levels control how well plants absorb and utilize nutrients available in the soil.
3 to 7 reading represents acid pH
7 reading represents neutral pH
7 to 10 reading represents alkaline pH
The optimal pH range for most plants is between 5.5 and 7.0. However there are many plants which have adapted to live and thrive at pH values outside this range. It is recommended to test soil pH levels throughout the season but it is especially useful before planting or when the plants are not performing well.
Taking a pH reading: Put a soil sample into the test tube, add pH solution and add barium sulphate, shake and watch the colour develop. Full instruction booklet together with colour chart is provided.

To make the soil more alkaline, for every 1 pH add approx. 300g per square meter of garden lime. To make the soil more acid, for every 1 pH add approx. 70g per square meter of sulphate of ammonia.
Retest for pH level in 30 days. Altering pH does take time, please do not expect too rapid change. Work steadily towards giving the plant the ideal conditions. Always check plant pH requirements.

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