Potting On Tray (18x9cm Pots) with Replacement pots

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Tray and Replacement Pots

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This money saving kit includes Potting on Tray with Pots (18 x 9cm pots)  and Replacement Pots giving you a saving of £4!

Potting on Tray with Pots - Vacuum formed propagation tray, made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Grow healthy plants from seed in your home or greenhouse. Suitable for striking cuttings, potting on and sowing.

Instructions for use: Fill each pot with seed and cutting compost, water well with a fine spray, place seed(s) or cutting in each pot and cover with a layer of compost. Place in a bright position but not in direct sun light. Never allow compost to dry out, always keep moist.

Contains 18 x 9cm round pots.

Size: 56cm/22in Long 31.5cm/ 12.5in Wide 7cm/2.75in High

Replacement pots for Potting on Tray - Vacuum formed pots, made from recycled and recyclable plastic. 18 x 9cm pots.

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