Liquid Rose Feed

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An organic based rose feed, carefully formulated to aid foliage growth, intensify flower colour and increase the production of new flowering canes.

Mr Fothergill's range of plant feeds has been developed in partnership with plant nutrition experts who have a vast experience of supplying fertilisers to farmers and professional growers. They contain the finest grade of organic seaweed along with the optimum blend of Nitrogen (N) for green growth, Phosphorous (P) for healthy roots and Potassium (K) for flower and fruit development. Trace elements such as Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Calcium & Boron are included to aid cell development and photosynthesis to promote strong plants and the highest yields.

We have combined our passion for all things growing with their expertise to produce six high quality, organic based, liquid plant feeds, and a pure seaweed tonic. Produced in Britain, each feed has been formulated to provide exactly what plants need to grow strong, healthy, and productive.

N:P:K 5:4:9 with added Seaweed and Micronutrients

Makes up to 250ltr of feed.

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