Growmore Multipurpose Fertiliser 10kg

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A popular general purpose fertiliser for use all around the garden to promote abundant crops of fruit and vegetables as well as balanced, vigorous plants and flowers

It contains the three major nutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K) – needed by plants for healthy growth, N:P:K 7:7:7

Also ideal as a pre-seeding fertiliser for use before laying turf or sowing grass seed,

Apply throughout the growing season at the recommended rates.

Growmore Fertiliser should be applied evenly at the recommended rate, hoed or forked into the top surface of the soil, and if dry, well-watered for maximum benefit.

Flowers: Prior to sowing or planting: 140gm/1sqm (4oz/1sqy). As a top dressing for established plants: 70gm/1sqm (2oz/1sqy) at 8 - 10 week intervals.

Vegetables: Potatoes: prior to planting 200gm/1sqm (6oz/1sqy).Other vegetables: prior to planting or sowing 140gm/1sqm (4oz/1sqy). As a top dressing: 70 gm/1sqm (2oz/1sqy) sprinkled evenly between the rows at 8 - 10 week intervals.

Shrubs, Fruit trees and bushes: When planting trees or shrubs: mix between 70-140gm (2-4oz) with the infill, depending on the size of the plant. As a top dressing in spring: 140gm/1sqm (4oz/1sqy) applied evenly over the area covered by the branch spread.

New lawns: 140gm/1sqm (4oz/1sqy) forked into the top 8cm of soil before sowing grass seed or laying turf.

Read the directions carefully before use. Store the fertiliser in a dry place away from children, pets and foodstuffs. Wash hands after use. Product may irritate cut or broken skin. Do not exceed the recommended application rates. Avoid the fertiliser lodging on leaves and stems.

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