Fruit Tree Grease

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Fruit Tree Grease is a traditional, easy to use, brush-on monitoring trap for winter moths on fruit and other trees. Fruit Tree Grease stops pest from climbing up the trunk. Creates a complete barrier if applied around the base of the tree. The barrier needs to be applied approximately 45cm above the ground level and it needs to be replenished as required to maintain stickiness.
Fruit Tree Grease works by trapping the female, wingless adults and provides a good indication to the level of infestation on each tree. In case of found infestation it is recommended to apply the barrier to all neighbouring trees.
Apply in autumn (September/October) and renew in February.
Contains: rapeseed oil.
Fruit Tree Grease Stops:
- the Winter Moth (invades from late October to early December)
- the Mottled Umber Moth (invades from late October to early December)
- The March Moth (invades early spring)

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