Empathy After Plant - Plant Food for Climbers and Flowering Plants

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After Plant Climbers and Flowering Plants is a natural and bioactive fertiliser specifically designed to promote abundant flowering of a wide range of flowering plants including climbers such as clematis, passion flowers and honeysuckle while also helping to build soil biology. The rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi in After Plant will quickly establish a vast secondary root system supplying extra nutrients and water to the plant to ensure a strong healthy plant.

The natural ingredients in After Plant for Climbers and Flowering Plants have been carefully selected and blended to give plants the nutrients they need while encouraging and supporting the development of the mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial soil bacteria.

Seaweed extracts supply a natural source of plant growth hormones to stimulate top growth and root development. Alfalfa provides a source of plant derived nitrogen in support of healthy foliage and sulphate of potash, a naturally occurring mineral form of potassium, encouraging strong budding and flowering. Added biostimulant supply essential amino acids in support of both soil and plant health. After Plant Climbers and Flowering Plants also helps condition the soil.

The addition of BioChar acts to increase soil fertility, retain moisture and nutrients and lock up plant carbon in the soil.

• Supports healthy growth naturally
• Supports abundant flowering
• Supports prolonged flowering
• Conditions soil for long lasting benefits

One handful is approximately 50g. For most garden flowers approximately 25g (half a handful) will be enough. Sprinkle onto the soil at the base around the circumference of the plant. Fork the product gently into the soil and water.

Shake product well before use. Best used twice during the growing season. For top dressing whole flowerbeds, including rose beds, apply at a rate of 100g per square metre and lightly fork to cover.

NPK 1.6-0-1.2

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