Ecofective Plant Disease Defence Spray

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This highly effective, pesticide free, ready to use solution triggers plants natural immune response prior to stress and disease attack. Builds a resistance to common garden diseases such as mildews, leaf spot, rust, canker, and other bacterial and fungal pathogens. The solution is easy to apply and provides foliar nourishment to encourage healthy plant growth and promote abundant fruit, vegetables, and vibrant flowers.

Can be used on edibles and ornamentals, including flowers, shrubs, fruit, and vegetables (both outside and undercover). Safe to use around children, pets, and bees. No harvest interval is required, meaning the produce can be eaten within hours after application (wash well).

How to use:

  • Use when first diseases appear in the garden and under glass, every 5 to 7 days.
  • Avoid open flowers and never spray in direct sunlight or in hot weather (when temperatures exceed 28°C) to avoid burning of the leaves and flowers.

How it works: It works by physical mode of action.

The bottle is made from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable.

Please Note: Do not use the product straight away if kept in a cold area, the cold liquid on a warm plant can cause a shock reaction which makes the plant limp, and it could die or lose its foliage. The product can be used safely around children, pets, and bees, although it is always advised to apply late in the evening or early in the morning when beneficial insects are not around, and the plants are cool enough to take any applications of liquids to include watering.

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