Darlac Classic Ratchet Secateurs

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The ratchet action of this secateur multiplies the the pressure applied as the toggle advances the blade progressively through the branch. Only light pressure is required. The curved anvil helps to trap branches. Constructed from fibreglass for lightness and a cushioned handle for comfort. The sqeeze/release technique of ratchet cutting reduces pressure required by up to one third and is extremely beneficial for anybody with a weak grip or suffering from RSI, arthritis and related conditions. Great also for prolonged use.

Blade dimension: 6.5cm, Cut capacity: 25mm, Measurement: Height 20cm, Width 6cm, Depth 2cm, Weight: 153g.

Maintenance: Clean, sharpen, oil.

For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac "A Pruner for Life" guide here.

Bypass: designed for cutting of live/green wood. A curved cutting platform holds the branch. The action of the blade is a slicing motion in that it goes down to the side of the cutting platform.

Anvil: designed for cutting of old/hard wood. A flat cutting platform at right angles supports the branch. The action of the blade is a chopping motion in that it comes down on to and meets the cutting platform.

Compound Action: The tool mechanism multiplies effort through a gearing or pivot system. Good for mobility issues.

Ratchet: Consists of a bar with a set of angled teeth in which a tooth engages, allowing blade motion in one direction only with a series of movements used rather than a single cut. Good for mobility issues.

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