CANNA TERRA Nutrients and Additives Starter Kit

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The TERRA starter kit covers all your CANNA bases, from nutrients to additives, and sets you on course to a champion harvest. Our four flagship additives enhance root-growth (RHIZOTONIC), substrate condition (CANNAZYM), flower production (PK13/14) and overall quality/metabolism (CANNABOOST) while the Vega and Flores nutrient supplies all the elements required for you to achieve a perfect harvest.

Includes one each of: CANNABOOST Accelerator 125ml, CANNAZYM 125ml, CANNA PK 13/14 50ml, CANNA RHIZOTONIC 250ml, CANNA Terra Vega 1ltr, CANNA Terra Flores 1ltr.

CANNA Nutrients and additives are high quality products developed through their constant research. The products are easy-to-use and are known for their high yields. CANNA manufactures nutrients for all different growing methods, to make sure your plants get what they need regardless of the growing method being used. All products are supplied with clear application rates.

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