Bustaseed Propagation Tray

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Bustaseed Extra Durable Tip Out Propagation Kit

This ingenious, award-winning design allows you to grow your plants with minimal root disturbance, easy root monitoring and gentle plant removal. Extra durable and reusable, washes easily, with 5-year guarantee. All the components are fully, easily, and widely recyclable (after its very long lifespan is over).

Kit Contains:

Injection moulded green base tray, 7 injection moulded white insert rows of 5 cells each (cells 5cm deep), clear lid, packaging sleeve.

  • Simple and gentle removal of plants which reduces losses caused by extraction damage and root transplant shock
  • Easy monitoring of roots and compost for distribution, hydration, pests, mould, diseases etc
  • Plants grown in the Bustaseed Kits are stronger due to white insert rows reflecting light up towards the stem and underside of leaves
  • Unique colour; only white insert tray on the market and with the green base tray Bustaseed kits are stylish and brighten up the greenhouse
  • Water conservation; excess water can be tipped out and reused elsewhere in the garden
  • Award Winning - the Bustaseed Tip Out Tray Design won the prestigious IDI 2020 award in the Sustainable Design Category
  • Used by Monty Don on Gardener’s World to grow artichokes
  • Professional and domestic customer / reviewer feedback 100% positive
  • Perfect for gardeners with arthritis, learning difficulties or children learning to garden

Product Dimensions: L W H, 37 x 25 x 12cm/14.5 x 10 x 5in

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