Bamboo Pots

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5x6in/15cm pots

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This new product will help you to reduce the usage of single use plastic pots. Bamboo and rice Pots are made from sustainable bamboo fibre, rice starch and resin made from naturally occurring organic compounds. They are held together with a bio based poly-mer and they can be used year after year. This material is free from petroleum-based plastics. They are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use and will be looking equally good on the windowsill and in the greenhouse. Bamboo pots and saucers have got usage of approx. 5 and more years and are biodegradable and home compostable once no longer in use. Composting may take 6-12 months. Breaking the products into small pieces before adding them to your compost heap will help speed up this process.
The pack contains 5 x 6in/15cm terracotta coloured pots.
Saucers are sold separately or alternatively you can purchase a set of 5 Pots and 5 Saucers.

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