How To Care For Your Plants On Arrival

Chrysanthemum Plants

Chrysanthemum Plants
Many of our chrysanthemums are supplied as well-rooted cuttings in a plug measuring 3.5cm in diameter and 12cm in height from root to tip. Some of our collections will be despatched as larger 9cm potted plants ready to plant out or pot on.

Potting on

We recommend our young plants are potted on into 9cm (3½in) pots, using a good quality, multi-purpose compost. Each cultivar has different characteristics - some may be tall and thin others short and thick, but each will give good results if handled correctly. Water in after potting, but also leave to almost dry out before watering again. Keep out of direct sun for the first few days, until the roots are beginning to develop. Then they will take as much sun as you can give them. The young plants will have sufficient food in the compost for 3 to 4 weeks and extra feeding before this stage is not recommended.

Planting out

After 3-4 weeks, roots will have filled the pots and, like our potted varieties, will be ready to plant out into their final positions. At this stage, plants will still be susceptible to frosts, so harden off carefully from early May onwards. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot with protection from strong winds and well-drained but fertile soil. Like other plants - prepare the ground by incorporating plenty of organic matter such as manure or compost. Before planting apply our Chrysanthemum plant food or another good general fertiliser and rake it in. To plant, dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, remove the pot and place the rootball in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding soil surface. Back fill, firm well in and water thoroughly. Keep plants well-watered until they are fully established.

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