Worm Castings Natural Fertiliser 20ltr

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20ltr bag

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A superior natural feed and soil conditioner for your garden and indoor plants containing: Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash, and a multitude of 'live bacteria, fungi and microbes'. Finest, most concentrated worm castings produced in Yorkshire on a worm farm, screened twice for superior quality.

Regular use:

  • Puts life back into your soil giving healthier and stronger plants
  • Faster & stronger foliage and root growth
  • Increased germination and enhanced seedling growth and development
  • Evidence to suggest increased resistance to disease & pests

Ideal to use for: seed sowing, potting, vegetables & annuals, hanging or window plants, perennials, existing shrubs & trees, bulbs, house plants, new and existing lawns. Full instructions with required measurements are printed on the bag.

How to use:

  • Due to high concentration of nutrients, dilute between 10% - 30% with other composts or soils
  • Potting, hanging baskets and pots: Mix 10% to 30% with other growing mediums. For existing plants surface dress and water in
  • Perennials: work in 1 handful into the soil above roots, repeat every quarter
  • Planting out new plants: Mix 10% to 30% with soil at the bottom of planting hole. Surface dress every 2 months during the growing period
  • Existing shrubs and trees: mix 2-3 handfuls in to 2-3 inches of soil surrounding the plants and water in
  • Bulbs: Mix 10% to 30% with soil around the bulb before planting. Surface dress when in flower
  • House plants: surface dress and water in. For the potting up new plants use up to 30% of worm cast in the potting mix
  • New lawns: scatter generously over the are of new lawn, mix into topsoil, scatter on a new seed and water
  • Existing lawns: scatter generously over the whole lawn area and water in. Repeat 3-4 times during growing season.

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