Water Storing Crystals

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4 x 60g sachets

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Four sachets (60g x 4) of dry crystals for mixing into compost to increase its water holding capacity.

These granules absorb several times their own volume of water and then gradually release it throughout the season as plants require it, drastically reducing the need for watering.

One 60g sachet is enough to treat 60 litres of compost. Ideal for hanging baskets, patio tubs and even growing bags. Inert and biodegradable with a neutral pH, it is non-toxic.

For a general potting, mix 1g of Water Storing Crystals per 1 litre of compost.
For hanging baskets and container mix 2g per 1 litre of compost.
One application lasts a full season.

Contents: 4 x 60g sachets – enough for 240ltr of compost.

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