Strawberry Snow F1 & Easi-Plant Baskets

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Fragaria x ananassa

Despatches From 10th April 2024.

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This award winning variety is a real attention-grabber resembling a snow shower throughout the summer and well into the autumn. The snow white flowers are followed by delicious, sweet fruits.

What better way to maximise your fruit harvest than with these two fantastic everbearing strawberries? Now there's no need to hide your strawberry plants away in the vegetable plot - recent breeding has produced these beautiful looking and tasting varieties!

These award winning F1 varieties that have been bred specifically for growing in patio containers, hanging baskets or window boxes. The two very eye-catching varieties, are ideal grown where the pretty, semi double flowers look lovely when grown together and go on to produce a prolific, sweet crop from June to October. Both are easy to grow and maintain, just keep well watered and fed. Growing them in baskets will also reduce attack from slugs and rodents! Supplied as large 'basket' ready young plants.

Use 10 young plants per 12in basket / container.

Easi-Plant Hanging Baskets

Easy to use hanging baskets!

Create your own wonderful displays with our Easi-Plant hanging baskets. Made from tough, weather-resistant UV proof plastic, each basket has removable side panels making planting up quick and easy with no need for a liner. 30cm(12") diameter.

  • New
  • Suitable For Hanging Baskets
  • Suitable For Pots
  • Sun Loving
  • Sun/Partial Shade Loving

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