Seed and Cutting Tray (40x6cm Pots) with Replacement pots

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Tray & Replacement Pots

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This money saving kit includes Seed and Cutting Tray (40 x 6cm Pots) and Replacement Pots giving you a saving of £4!

Seed and Cutting Tray - Vacuum formed Seed and Cutting propagation tray, made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Grow healthy plants from seed in your home or greenhouse. Suitable for striking cuttings, potting on, and sowing. Contains 40 x 6cm round pots. Size: 52.5cm/20.75in Long 31.5cm/12.5in Wide 5.5cm/2.25in High Replacement Pots - Vacuum formed pots, made from recycled and recyclable plastic. 40 x 6cm Pots

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