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ROOT!T Rooting Gel

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Rooting Gel is specifically created for use with any pre-formed propagation plugs (rooting sponges are recommended) but it can also be used with stone wool plugs, peat plugs, coco coir fibre, compost and soil.
It comes in a gel that stays firm in the plug, replacing the need for hormone rooting powder and it is placed directly into the central cavity of the plug. The gel forms a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, aiding uptake and helping to prevent dehydration as well as infection. This gel contains no hormones and relies on a physical mode of action to work.
Rooting Gel can be used on softwood cutting, hardwood cuttings and root & leaf cuttings which would produce genetic copies of your mother plants. Rooting gel can be used with many garden plants, perennials, shrubs, herbs and many more.
Please make sure that cuttings are immediately placed into the gel and your choice of potting media to minimise wilting and to keep the flow of auxins (growth hormones) moving down the stem to initiate root growth.

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