ROOT!T Medium Heat Mat

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30W Size 60x40cm

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These heat mats will allow you to start your propagation earlier or continue later in the season. A gentle heat is generated by the single mesh element encased inside a waterproof, fray-proof matting. They are ideal for withstanding a tough greenhouse environment. Uniform heat distribution will result in equal growth rates of your seeds, seedlings or cuttings.

  • Heat Mats warm the root area 5.5-11˚C above ambient temperature
  • Mats can be placed underneath your propagator or directly on the table
  • Mats are water proof and can be wiped clean and stored rolled up when not in use

ROOT!T 30W heat mat.
Cable length 170cm/67in.
Size: 60 x 40cm/23.5 x 16in

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