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The favourite all-purpose, pelleted fertiliser of experienced gardeners, producing excellent results on fruit, vegetables, flowers and roses. Contains all the vital plant foods and trace elements essential for vigorous growth, abundant flowering and ripening of fruit.
Should be applied throughout the growing season. It is very simple to use – just apply the recommended quantity to moist soil and lightly hoe in.
N:P:K 5.3:7.5:10 with Magnesium and trace elements: Boron, Copper, Iron and Manganese.

Apply evenly to soil at the rates recommended below, preferably when the soil is moist. Lightly hoe into the top surface of the soil, and in dry conditions water in.
Apply at 140 g/m2 (4 oz/sq yd) prior to planting, or for established bushes as an annual dressing in the spring.
Flowers and Vegetables:
Use 140 g/m2 (4 oz/sq yd) before sowing and planting. Top dress vegetables at 70 g/m2
(2 oz/sq yd) once or twice during the summer months.
Apply before planting or for established plants, in early spring. When top dressing, apply pelleted Vitax Q4 evenly to the soil surface beneath the leaves and branches of the tree. Apples, Pears, Plums: 175 g/m2 (5 oz/sq yd).
Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries: 140 g/m2 (4 oz/sq yd).

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