NemaKnights™ Nematodes All Purpose Biological Chafer Grub and Vine Weevil Control

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NemaKnightsTM gives you a natural, biological control of Rose and Japanese beetle grubs, Black Vine Weevil, Chafer Grubs, Asparagus Beetle Grubs, Click Beetles (wireworms), Borers, Corn Rootworm and Cutworms.

100% Pesticide free. This extended, slow-release control is a safe alternative to chemicals, harmless to wildlife, pets, and humans, will not washaway. Safe to use on edible crops.

Simply flip open the cap, shake the pearls into the infested areas, and spray with water. No need to keep in a refrigerator, with 6 months shelf live. Treats up to 100 sq ft.

Treat as needed or every 1 - 2 weeks when temperature reaches 8°C.

NemaKnightsTM is based on encapsulated Nematodes steinernema carpocapsae

• Ideal for vine weevil control in pots and gardens

• Spot treat chafer grub damage in lawns

• Extended slow-release control of larval soil pests

How to use:

Simply open easy flip lid and shake the pearls around infested plants infested plants. Spray with water.

Treat as needed or every 1-2 weeks.

Use for spot treatment or mix into soil.

When to use:

Once soil is above 8°C, throughout the growing season April to October, whenever pests are visible and feeding. The best time is in the early morning or evening because the nematodes are sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

For vine weevil larvae treat when they are re active are in April-end of June and Late July to October.

Nematodes are microscopic naturally occurring soil organisms in the worm family (insect parasitic) which seek out larval stage of soil insects & in the case of slugs infect all stages of the insect. Once a nematode infects a bug, the bacteria released can kill the host in 24-48 hours. Nematodes will survive in the soil as long as there are insects to reproduce in.

Pest treatment list: 

  • Root Aphids 
  • Cabbage Maggot 
  • Codling Moth 
  • Daddy Long Legs / Crane Flies 
  • Humpbacked (Phorid) Flies / Scuttle Flies 
  • Onion Maggot 
  • Pill Bug / Pill Woodlouse 
  • Raspberry Crown Borer / Blackberry clearwing borer  
  • Root Maggots / Cabbage Root Fly  
  • Sclarid 
  • Shore Flies 
  • Thrips 
  • Tobacco Cutworm 
  • Fungus Gnats 
  • Sweet Potato Weevil 
  • Ants 
  • Beet Armyworm 
  • Fruit Flies 
  • Wireworm 
  • Cucumber Beetle 
  • Leafminers 

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Ken Soale

I will let you know if it works

Vanessa Mann

They’ve always been successful at keeping the vine weevils at bay.