Natura Grow Fruit & Veg Liquid Fertiliser 5ltr

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5ltr bottle

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Bio-Active, liquid feed full of beneficial bacteria which help plants release nutrients from the soils. The liquid fertiliser is the by-product of anaerobic digestion, a method of producing green energy: Gas, Electricity & Heat.

Made from just three plants, that are renewable, sustainable, carbon dioxide capturing and vegan. Natura Grow's fertiliser is made from crop plants grown within a 20 miles radius of the production site in Cambridgeshire. Energy used in production is all self-generated.

• Free from weeds, peat, and any chemicals.

• Contain no animal derived products or contaminants from green waste composts.

• Are suitable for Vegan gardeners.

• Safe to be used around wildlife, pets, and children.

• NPK 8-3-10 plus micro-nutrients.

• Cardboard packaging – no plastic liner.

• Clear info-grams on where & how to use.

• Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

• Very quick, visible results to plant health and growth.

• Approx. 7% dry matter content. Great for adding organic matter.

• NPK : 3.5-1- 8 + Micronutrients

• Use rate 90 ml per 4.5 litre watering can.

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