Lavandula ang. Platinum Blonde

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1 x 9cm potted plant

Lavandula angustifolia

From 4th September 2024.

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This unusual cultivar has bright, variegated foliage with broad yellow margins that radiate a golden glow. From June to August, Lavender 'Platinum Blonde' is crowned with a profusion of blue flower heads, borne on stiffly upright stems. Like all Lavender, the flowers and foliage are deeply aromatic, perfuming the air every time you brush past. This eye-catching variety makes a colourful evergreen hedge for edging borders and pathways. Plant in sunny borders, gravel gardens or patio containers - wherever you grow it, this English Lavender will always attract plenty of bees and pollinating insects.

  • Hardy Perennial

Hardy Perennial (HP)

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