Hydrangea Liquid Feed

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This skilfully tailored nutrient mix will bring you masses of vibrant flowers and strong, healthy growth of hydrangeas grown in pots and borders. Contains a specific mix of nutrients with extra potash to produce masses of vibrant, strong blooms.

Apply every 7-14 days from March to August

Liquid Hydrangea Feed has been designed to make sure hydrangeas thrive in all types of soils whether grown in pots or containers.

• Ideal for use in peat-free composts, free-draining growing media and soil with varying pH

• Contains potash to encourage abundant blooms

• Use as a weekly feed during spring and summer for best results.

Potash has been added to the feed to support the delivery of abundant blooms, as well as nitrogen for hardy growth and rich leaf colour. Low-levels of iron and manganese have been added to the formulation to ensure the availability of trace elements – essential for chlorophyll production.

1ltr bottle will make up to 50 watering cans – approximately 225ltr of feed. 1 capful (20ml) for 4.5ltr of water. Avoid wetting the leaves and flowers.

Bottle and cap are widely recycled.

NPK - 4:2:6 plus trace elements

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