Grower Frame with Micromesh Cover

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1 Grower Frame and 1 Micromesh Cover

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Grower Frame is made from easy to assemble tubular, black powder-coated, steel rods which slot together to make a sturdy, rust-resistant frame measuring 3 metres (9ft 8in) long by 1 metre (39in) wide by 1 metre (39in) high. Ground pegs are included to secure the frame to the ground. Interchangeable covers are made to fit snugly over the frame and are available in two different materials to give the best protection and shelter throughout the year.

The Grower PVC and Pest Protection Covers are available with a Grower Frame or separately.

The Grower Micromesh Cover is made from Micromesh for protection from insects, including aphids, carrot fly, cabbage root fly and other airborne pests. It fits over the Grower Frame and has four large side zips for easy access. The ultra-fine mesh allows air and water to pass through, whilst protecting plants from scorching and other weather damage. Ideal for protecting taller plants like brassicas and fruit bushes, it can be easily moved around or used in-situ on beds and borders. The Grower PVC Cover is made from heavy-duty, clear PVC for robust weather and pest protection and an enhanced growing environment, promoting quicker growth by retaining warmth and humidity. It fits snugly over the Grower Frame and has four large side zips for easy access. Ventilation may be controlled using the insect-proof ventilation flaps at either end.

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