DirtPot Garden Pots

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Made from a unique micro porous fabric that has been specially developed for the PLANT!T Dirt Pot and prevents plants from becoming pot bound.

The plant's roots are able to grow through the material rather than circling around the pot edges, and when they meet the air will naturally stop growing (plants don't want their roots to grow above ground) and instead send out many secondary roots along their lengths. This is called air pruning and leads to a more dispersed root structure with many more root tips for accessing water and nutrients, resulting in a healthier plant.

Due to the breathable nature of the fabric, it is important to keep the growing media moist to prevent plants from becoming dehydrated.

The planters have reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric so they will not tear when supporting even the heaviest crop. Handles are incorporated into the design and come with cane support loops.

DirtPot Sizing

  • 17 litre - W27cm/11in x H25cm/10in
  • 26 litre - W31cm/12in x H27cm/11in
  • 37 litre - W35cm/14in x H32cm/13in

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