Darlac Diamond Sharpener Coarse Grade

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Create the ultimate edge on garden and workshop tools.

The Coarse Diamond Sharpener can be used for repairing damaged blades on heavier steel such as hedging shears, lawnmower blades, axes and preparing very blunt tools before finishing off with a fine grade. The shape of sharpener allows excellent access on curved blades as well as straight.

With approximately 52 billion diamond particles per square inch, these sharpeners continue working even when they ""smooth out"", exposing more sharpening edges to keep tools like new. Full instructions for use included on the packaging. Always sharpen with great care!

Weight 15g, length 150mm.

If sharpening is done little and often, the sharpener will last longer. If it's trying to work on a very blunt tool it will wear out faster.

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