Coir Peat Free Multipurpose Growbags

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4 x Growbags

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A perfect multipurpose growing medium for gardens, greenhouses, driveways, lawns, and patios. 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable with stable pH and EC levels, high air holding capacity and good drainage.

Mix of 30% coir chips and 70% coir peat (coco peat). Size of the chips a 3 – 10mm. Allows fast and robust root development.

How to use: Pierce the top of the bag for planting (3-4 holes) Add water and allow the expansion to take place (3-4ltr of water to start with) Scope out the mix from each square Plant in each hole, refill with the mix around the plants Size when expanded 100 x 15 x 12cm/39.5 x 6 x 4.7in Size when unexpanded 96 x 13 x 2cm/38 x 5 x 1in

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