Clematis Feed Pellets

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Extended-release, organic Clematis pelleted fertiliser promotes the growth and flowering of clematis and other climbing plants. Rich in potassium, it will encourage vigorous growth and prolific flowering.

Apply from March to September every three months during the growing season. Sprinkle evenly around the base, work into the soil and then watered thoroughly. Make sure the pellets do not lodge on leaves and stems.

30g is approximately one handful (always wear gloves).

Established Plants

Apply in March and repeat every 3 months during the growing season. Use 60g per 1 square meter around the base of the plant. Work into the soil and water thoroughly.

New planting

All newly planted clematis must be well watered during dry weather. Spread evenly around the base when growth is vigorous at a rate of 60g per 1 square meter.

NPK - 7:4:10.2 with magnesium and trace elements

  • Climber
  • Hardy Perennial
  • Full Sun
  • Suitable for Partial Shade

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