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Chrysanthemum 'Salmon Chessington'

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Chrysanthemum indicum

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This pale orange intermediate-type bloom is suitable for growing for exhibition blooms but they are also tough enough to grow and flower in the garden without protection. Give them a try - you will be delighted with the results.. Half hardy, perennial.
• Flowers from September
Garden Ready Potted Chrysanthemums
With their flamboyant, prize-winning forms and their amazing ability in the vase, it is sometimes easy to overlook that chrysanthemums are simply superb garden plants. They are an invaluable source of late summer colour and provide abundance of long-lasting flowers in the border. With this in mind, we are offering a selection of some of the best garden performers to add to your planting schemes this summer.
• Supplied garden-ready in 9cm pots, you’ll receive plants which have been prepared by our nursery team and pinched to produce strong and bushy plants
• These plants will produce multiple stems and plenty of flowers
• Ready for planting directly into the ground, so no potting on or pampering required.

Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)

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