Chrysanthemum 'John Hughes Yellow' (Late)

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Chrysanthemum indicum

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An indoor mid-season flowering variety with soft yellow, incurved blooms.

  • Proven and popular show winners
  • Expect large and long-flowering blooms for vase and exhibition
  • Flowers from October to December

Our late indoor flowering blooms

Wonderfully worthwhile, the key to the chrysanthemums success is that they are so late to flower. With these late-flowering varieties you can expect to be harvesting stems of colourful blooms right into December.

Late-flowering chrysanthemums will need some protection to ensure you get the best from your blooms. We recommend growing out-of-doors in large containers, approximately 23cm (9in) in diameter, which can be dug into the ground if required, and these can then be moved indoors as the weather worsens. This must be done before the first frosts, but remember blooms are also vulnerable to damage from heavy rain and winds. You will be rewarded greatly for your effort with plenty of colourful stems for cutting.

Flower size: 5-8in (12.5-20cm).

Half Hardy Perennial (HHP)

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