Blood, Fish & Bone Fertiliser 10kg

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10kg tub

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This traditional style fertiliser, still favoured by many gardeners, provides the three major nutrients needed for strong, healthy growth and bumper crops.

  • Nitrogen (N) encourages growth and rich green foliage
  • Slow release phosphate (P) promotes vigorous root development
  • Potash (K) helps improve flower colour and the ripening of fruit and vegetables

Blood, Fish and Bone can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as required throughout the growing season.

N:P:K 5:5:6

Sowing or planting:
Apply 140g per square metre (4oz per square yard) and lightly fork or rake into the soil.

Top Dressing:
Apply 70g per square metre (2oz per square yard) around the plants and fork in lightly. Should rain not fall within 24 hours, water in well.

Avoid the fertiliser lodging on leaves and stems.

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