How To Care For Your Plants On Arrival

Growing Tips

Growing Tips
Unpack your order immediately and stand plants upright.

If plants are dry, stand the trays, pots, or roots for a few minutes in water, until the compost is fully moist again.

Stand young plants in a bright, warm position, out of direct sunlight. Having been carefully nurtured under ideal glasshouse conditions, your plants will be sensitive to scorching sunshine.

Store tubers and bulbs in a cool, light, well ventilated and frost-free place, away from direct sunlight before planting if required.

Choose and prepare the area and soil ahead of planting. Remove weeds, dig in compost or manure, add dressing of a balanced fertiliser, and break the soil down to a crumbly texture.

When planting up your containers and baskets, mix water-retaining gel granules and a slow-release fertiliser with the compost. Together they will save you time with both feeding and watering later in the season.

Keep all plants well-watered until they are fully established.

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