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Potting on Your Young Plants

Potting on Your Young Plants
When April arrives the greenhouse begins to become a bit warm during the day and the plants are better in the frame if one is available: if not, as much air as possible should be provided.

The roots should now be filling the pot and when there are healthy white roots running round the outside of the soil, plants can be moved into a 12cm/5in pot.

Make sure the plant to be potted is well watered an hour or so before. Put a supply of crocks in the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage, and then a small amount of compost lightly firmed into the bottom of the pot, to stand the root-ball on. The top should then be about 1cm/½ in below the rim of the pot to allow room for watering. Firm the soil lightly around the sides with the round end "potting stick", adding the compost little at a time, and finish off by transferring the label and putting in small split cane, as the plant will probably be needing support.

The pot should be stood close together to give a little protection, but when the roots begin to grow again the pots can be spaced out. If you use a general potting you will not need to do any ramming of the soil in the pot.

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