How To Grow Chrysanthemums

Indoor Flowering Blooms (Pot Blooms)

Indoor Flowering Blooms (Pot Blooms)
These are versatile cultivars which can be grown in a number of pot sizes to suit your needs. Put one into a 9cm (3.5in) pot, three into a 13cm (5in) pot, five into a 17½cm (7in) pot or six to seven into a 23cm (9in) pot.

The growing tips should be pinched out approximately fifteen days after planting and again in the third week of July.

Plants can be grown outside during the summer months. Feeding should be carried out every couple of weeks. When the buds start to show colour, move the plants into a frost-free greenhouse/conservatory. Give plenty of ventilation to keep the humidity down and prevent damping of the petals. Only one bud should be allowed to develop on the top of each stem.

Once in flower move them into the house for a bright and colourful display.

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