How To Grow Chrysanthemums

Early Flowering (Outdoor/Garden) Cultivars

Early Flowering (Outdoor/Garden) Cultivars
Early flowering chrysanthemums bloom outdoors in August and September in the open ground and can be planted out in the garden from May (earlier if protected).

Plant firmly about 60cm (2ft) apart. You can plant closer if you want blooms for cutting or further apart if you need to fill a large area. Insert a cane, tie the stem to it and water in. Feed every two to three weeks until August when the buds will be starting to form. If you give too much feed you get a larger but softer plant, which can be more susceptible to disease.

Most cultivars can be stopped when they are about 15cm (6in) tall. This simply involves removing the top growth by pinching back and taking it down to 3 or 4 leaves up from the base of the plant. This promotes formation of side shoots and creates a bushier, more productive clump. If the plants have formed premature buds it is best to cut them back hard, at least half their height. This will encourage new shoots to grow from lower down without buds. Four or five of the resulting side shoots should be retained. For blooms, one bud should be allowed to develop on the top of each side shoot with other buds being removed as they appear. For sprays all buds should be allowed to develop.

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