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Speedplanter Pansy Cool Wave Mixed F1

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Pansy Cool Wave Mixed F1 has lots of brightly coloured blooms for months of colour.

Naturally trailing in habit, plants from the Pansy Cool Wave series are terrific performers.

These ready-made planters are a brilliant way to achieve colourful displays in next to no time.

Each unit measures just under 30cm/12in in diameter and approximately 8cm/3in in height and will arrive ready for immediate placing into your hanging baskets and containers.

Available as themed collections, each unit comes with slow-release fertiliser already included and is set with 7 individual premium plants, which will grow harmoniously together from autumn through to late spring.

Just follow these simple steps...

  • Add a little compost to the bottom of your chosen hanging basket or container, then place your Speedplanter on top of the compost - no need to take the plants out of the speedplanter (the roots will grow out from the bottom)
  • Top up with a little potting compost where needed
  • In a matter of no time enjoy a gloriously planted floral display

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