SlugLess Slug & Snail Deterrent 20ltr

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20ltr bag

From 19th May 2024.

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SlugLess is a safe, simple and sustainable slug deterrent made from organic British straw. It comes in easy to use pellets and is 100% pet, child and wildlife friendly containing no chemicals. It is long lasting and can be simply turned into the soil at the end of the season helping to improve soil structure while adding organic nutrients.

SlugLess can be used throughout the garden around flowers, fruits and vegetables.

SlugLess works by creating a dry, spiky surface which irritates and desiccates the slug and snail’s feet. In addition to deterring slugs and snails is also offers a number of secondary benefits; holding moisture, supressing weeds and adding nutrients as it decomposes over a season.

How to use SlugLess: place 1 layer of pellets around the plant (the wider radius the better) add water (or let the rain do it for you) and the pellets will eventually expand to create a dry, spiky surface. This dry surface layer will also help prevent weeds establishing (best to remove weeds before applying), protect the soil from erosion and compaction, while retaining approx. 6x its weight in moisture and reducing the need for watering.

SlugLess is pH neutral and has a low Carbon to Nitrogen ratio allowing it to compost without immobilizing soil's Nitrogen, so unlike bark it will not create a nitrogen deficiency in the soil.
SlugLess is also steam sterilized in production so is completely weed and disease free.
Slugless has a pleasant, neutral earthy aroma, is clean to use (no gloves required) and unlike competing wool pellets with their sheep aroma, will not attract dogs attempting to hide their scent.

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