Extra Tall Net Tunnel 5m

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1 x 5m net tunnel

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Size: 5m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high

This walk in net tunnel assembles in minutes with no tools needed and packs down into a small bag, meaning it won’t get ripped or tangled or take up lots of space in the shed.

Large zipped doors (two at either end, two in the middle) allow easy access to crops and help regulate heat, humidity and airflow for optimum growing conditions. An ideal growing environment for blueberries, gooseberries, white currants, dwarf fruit bushes and most brassicas.

The Pro Gro solves the problems of flimsy 'hoop and wire' tunnels, which can rust and sag over time and collapse in strong winds, potentially damaging plants.

  • Flexible carbon fibre rods maintain their shape and tension
  • Quick to assemble, no tools needed
  • Carbon fibre frame maintains strength over time
  • Large zipped doors for easy access to crops (two at either end, two in the middle)
  • Guy ropes for stability in windy weather
  • Stops birds, rodents, cabbage whites and large insects
  • New

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