Empathy Lawn Feed and Improver

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A highly effective natural lawn feed, with rootgrowtm mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen fixing bacteria that act to release nutrients from the soil and increase your lawns ability to resist disease, weeds and moss and to endure drought. The biology is further stimulated by the addition of plant derived amino acid bio stimulant as a nutrient source for lawn grass and zeolite for soil conditioning. Contains no animal derivatives. Contains active biology to improve your lawn health and appearance. Formulated to reduce chemical use by increasing the natural biology in roots and soil. Highly effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

For use between April and September. For best results use when your soil is moist, preferably after rain, and free from frost. Greening effect should be visible within 1 week, Apply every eight weeks. Enough to treat 125m². One handful (approx. 35 g) treats 1m².

How to use:
Can be applied by hand or by using a lawn spreader.
Hand Application: One handful (approximately 35g) treats 1m². Sprinkle evenly over lawn.
Spreader Application: Adjust spreader rate to achieve max 35g/m². Refer to manufacturer’s instructions.
Seeding: If you are establishing a new lawn with seed, allow six weeks to lapse before applying the product
Precautions: Wash hands thoroughly after use. Wearing gloves whilst gardening is recommended.
The container is made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

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