Clematis Large Flowered Collection Plants

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3 x 7cm potted plants


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A carefully chosen selection of enchanting clematis that offer dazzling displays of large blooms over a long flowering season. Contains 1 of each of the following 7cm potted varieties:

Clematis Rouge Cardinal. Striking and eye-catching in appearance with rich red flowers that have gracefully curved sepals and pale stamens. Leaves change from a medium green to a deep green colour as the summer progresses and flowers last from the middle of summer until the start of autumn.

Height: 1.8-3.7m /6-12ft.

Clematis The President. Vigorous plants produce beautiful, big star-shaped flowers in a charming purple-blue, with white filaments tipped with pink or red and silvery sepals underneath. Attractive to bees and butterflies, they flower from the end of spring to the start of summer and the end of summer to the start of autumn.

Height: 1.8-3m/6-10ft

Clematis Ville de Lyon. Vivid carmine-red flowers, transitioning to crimson along their edges and complemented by striking creamy yellow stamens. Each petal showcases an iridescent sheen, adding to its allure. Blooming from midsummer to early autumn, these flowers offer long-lasting beauty.

Height 3m-3.7m./10-12ft.

  • Hardy Perennial
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